Let's Fight Cancer... Together

Though ovarian cancer is not the commonest amongst the gynaecologic cancers, it is definitely the most dreaded one. The reason for it is that Ovarian cancer often goes undetected until it has spread within the pelvis and belly. At this late stage, ovarian cancer is more difficult to treat and can be fatal. Though the management requires both Surgery and Chemotherapy, a comprehensive surgery called Complete cytoreduction in the first step provides the maximum survival rates (ref 1). In view of the limited expertise in India, very few centres in India are able to carry out a comprehensive cytoreduction. Moreover other advanced technologies like laparoscopy, HIPEC and fertility preserving surgeries are also required in ovarian diseases in special cases.

The following are the treatment modalities available at Humane Oncology©


Prevention is the best form of cure. This statement holds true in no other disease as much as in cancer.

We have a cancer screening protocol for ovarian cancer available wherein we do yearly CA 125, USG abdomen and pelvis to screen for ovarian cancers. Patients with family history can also get their genetic testing done from our partner labs at discounted rates.


Laparoscopy in ovarian cancer is used in two scenarios:

Diagnostic: To assess extent of disease and calculate the Faggotti Score for the Anderson Algorithm to plan the surgery

Therapeutic: It can be used as a treatment approach in borderline tumours and benign ovarian tumours upto even 20cm in size.


Complete, comprehensive and radical cytoreduction to no disease status results in the maximum survival results in ovarian cancer (ref 1)

At Humane Oncology© we use the 'Algorithm' defined by MD Anderson Hospital, USA to define the ideal cases for surgery and to improve survival outcomes.

More details about the "Anderson Algorithm" can be found here.